Violet Versus Vietnam

Violet's sporadically-updated Vietnam blog documenting her year of teaching English in Tra Vinh and further adventures in Da Lat

Somehow it became November without my noticing it

Sadly, as I now live in the Mekong Delta, I cannot participate in my favorite autumnal activity of drinking apple cider in the middle of a frosty field while wearing a tweed jacket. The dry season is just starting and unless I contract heat stroke and go crazy there will be no wearing-of-tweed in my near future.

This is the sunrise that I get to see every Tuesday and Friday and occasionally Monday morning. Alarmingly big green snakes live in that field.

Sudden transition! I decided to hold a Halloween “lesson” in my guesthouse last week. My students carved watermelon jack-o’-lanterns, had a toilet paper mummy race through the halls, learned how to sing “The Ghost of John,” bobbed for apples and pretended to drown each other in the bobbing bucket. They also ate durian, which was not so festive, and tried to bob for it in the bobbing bucket too, which was a terrible idea. And then to cap things off I was lectured afterwards by my host about causing wild ruckuses (is that the correct plural form? Ruckses? As an English teacher I feel that I should know this but don’t). Good times all around.