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Did I mention that I was a teacher?

It occurred to me that I should write about my actual job here, lest the Fulbright head honchos stumble upon this blog and think that I spend all my time and their money setting dish cloths on fire and prancing around in granny pajamas (even if it is true).

Look! They are learning!

Oh my goodness I love all my students. I have about a bajillion of them and maybe half are named Trang (which becomes a problem when you are chronically messy and accidentally mix up all your student files which weren’t well-organized to begin with). They are all so hardworking and hilarious and concerned that Teacher Violet’s skin is turning a distinctly mahogany hue.

In my classes thus far we have already discussed a variety of important issues such as:

The proper contents of a Philly Cheesesteak

Who was hotter: Alexander Hamilton or Andrew Jackson?

Binary Gender

Vandalism as a positive means for teenagers to relieve stress

The Amish

Whether or not Katy Perry has had breast implants

The meaning of the phrase “pumped-up kicks”

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