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Culinary Misadventures III

Oh hey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? 

Things are different this semester. Instead of giving me my own set of classes, the department has decided to make me the resident “guest-lecturer”. There is a chart in the office with my name on it and whenever the other teachers want they can sign the Violet out for an hour or two and I will come to their class and talk about things (that I may or may not be making up on the spot). So I am like a library book! Or a prostitute! Hooray! 

While this Rent-a-Teacher schedule saves me the pain of grading and homework and such, it saddens mebecause I won’t be able to have as close a relationship with these students as I had with my kidlets from last semester (I infantilize my students, I know. But they are just so precious. And some of them call me “Baby Vi” so it’s only fair that I call them my kidlets, my babybirds and my little dumplings. Ahem.)

"So Violet, where does the culinary misadventure part come in?" you ask. Patience! We’re getting there! Today I was feeling buon qua about the scheduling and decided to go joyriding to cheer myself up. As I was driving all fast and furious down some back alleys like Tra Vin Diesel (HA! Get it? I slay me!) I suddenly came across a women selling bushels of small, orange, velvety-looking fruits. 

"Apricots!" I thought to myself. "I didn’t know that this species of deliciousness grew here! What luck!" 

I promptly bought two kilos, took them home, then bit into one and discovered that they were kumquats. 

Kumquats are really sour, yall. And two kilos is a lot of kumquats. So I attempted to make kumquat marmalade with my bounty of deceptive citrus. And I have been cleaning the blackened mess from my pots for 45 minutes. 

Now here are some unrelated pictures from my trip to Hue a couple weeks ago to make you forget that I am a terrible cook:

Sexual Predator Mannequin

Show me ya teeth



That’s what I look like at feeding time too