Violet Versus Vietnam

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Martha Stewart of the Mekong

I have 30 days left in Tra Vinh. 

Now, I could write earnestly about my sloppy emotions as I prepare to leave this place, about the mix of excitement and fear I am feeling at the prospect of the return to America.

But don’t be silly — I’m suppressing all that! Instead I am going to write about pie!


I MADE THAT! It may be the world’s ugliest pie, but it is still a pie! An apple pie! It even contains cinnamon which I had to acquire by shaving chunks of bark with my small machete. You can call me Comrade Susie Homemaker.

The opening of a COOPmart last month means that I now have butter. When you combine that with my recently inherited toaster oven (there is a very long and complicated story about how it arrived in my room involving a motorbike, several angry Canadians and a stealth operation, but that is a tale for another time) things get dangerous. The pie is just the beginning. I am going to bombard Tra Vinh with baked goods for my remaining month.