Violet Versus Vietnam

Violet's sporadically-updated Vietnam blog documenting her year of teaching English in Tra Vinh and further adventures in Da Lat

Pajama Party

This weekend I went to Ben Tre to see some lovely lady Fulbrighters. There was a boat tour on the Mekong, a birthday celebration with some roof-climbing involved, and I came one step closer to becoming a Vietnamese Granny: 

Soon I will be squatting on the sidewalk, chewing betel nut and stirring a vat of pho and giving people the stink eye.

However, being the cautious, rational person that I am, I did not plan a way to get back to school. Well, my plan was to formulate a plan once I crossed the river into Tra Vinh province. Foolproof, right?

The moment I got off the ferry and onto my turf, it started to rain. So naturally I flagged down a random gray van that happened to be passing by and hopped in. Fortunately it was full of old Vietnamese ladies on a tour. They squeezed me into the back and took me to Tra Vinh for free, chatting to me the whole time even though I couldn’t understand anything. And at one point their driver pulled off the road in front of an official-looking building and stole an armful of shrubs from in front of it. I don’t even know. One of my worst ideas ever, and one of my best days ever.