Violet Versus Vietnam

Violet's sporadically-updated Vietnam blog documenting her year of teaching English in Tra Vinh and further adventures in Da Lat

Oh look, I have a blog...

…maybe I will actually use it. Last summer’s Vietnam blog had a grand total of one post*, so by writing this I am matching my record and I haven’t even left the continent yet! Great success! I think I’ll go pretend to pack now.

*this is mostly because I was/am just lazy, but partially because every single post would have been a variation of: ”It was soul-crushingly hot today. The garbled English I had to edit made me want to renounce the written word forever. After work I lay in front of the air conditioner in my underwear for two hours before finally gathering the strength to go outside and eat a banh mi.” And, you know, that would have gotten boring.