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Soul Moto

So today’s adventures included a bulgogi burger, another trip to the Temple of Literature, and the purchase of the most wonderful t-shirt I have ever laid eyes upon. This garment was acquired at the night market. It is bright yellow and slightly snug on me because it is really made for tiny Asians, but I don’t care because scrawled all over the front of it is this:

VESPAMODS I’ve decided to not on’ yespa longo onmy frame (here it breaks off and there is an illustration of a man in a sweatshirt next to what I can only assume is one of the aforementioned Vespamods) but an Allstate/s a fribute tothe American Vespas and inthe spirit of the soul moto. The first vespa I rode on, retro MY GREAT VESPA Il meglio del primo rullino

What sartorial mastery! 

And to make things even better, it has an Abercrombie & Fitch tag.