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Grinch of the Mid-Autumn Festival

I am the Grinch of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I hate mooncakes, I hate the Tet Trung Thu song being played on loop over the propaganda loudspeaker outside my window, and I hate the traffic-jam-causing lion dances in the street.

I did go with some friends to bring candy to an orphanage yesterday, but because I didn't know where I was going ahead of time I don't think this actually counts as a good deed...

I'm baaa-aaack!

And in the past 24 hours I’ve already had to eat all of the following parts of a duck:

  • Brain
  • Tongue
  • Neck
  • Something that looked sort of like the neck but couldn’t have been, because I had already eaten that
  • Liver
  • Butt
  • Embryonicducklingbaby egg 

Oh Vietnam, how I have missed you. 

Yesterday's Vietnamese Lesson:

"Vy di uong ca phe nha?"

really means

"Violet! Do you want to go get coffee, then get kidnapped? I will take you back to my apartment where you will teach me and my 3 roommates English for two hours, eat a hotpot, take a nap with me and the 3 roommates in a heap on the floor, then wake up and watch a thousand hours of a cartoon about a farting worm. After that we will all go to someone else's house and make banh xeo and you will have to fend off a very drunk man who wants to feed you boiled carrots by hand, then naturally we need to go to karaoke. By this time it will be too late for you to make it back to your guest house before the gates close, so you will spend the night with a girl you'll have just met, in her scary tenement factory housing that has one bathroom for 65 people. Don't worry, it will be fun!"